7 May 2016

Are we there yet?

Screenshot of the survey app
Thanks to the 100 or so people who have taken a look at the IT Portfolio survey app so far. I am still looking for more feedback so that I can improve both the content of the survey and the way the app works. If you want to help just pick your favourite phone/tablet/PC, point your browser at beta.api.cioportfolio.co.uk and start moving the sliders around with your finger/stylus/mouse. The app looks best on a large tablet but I have used it on a compact mobile phone held in landscape mode. Let me have feedback by adding a comment below or you can get in touch via Twitter or LinkedIn.


Thanks for the feedback on the app so far. I have updated the links in this post to point at the new version and will retire the old one shortly. Although not strictly necessary the new version is serverless (using AWS Lambda) and I will blog about the migration later.

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