Public or private cloud - Binary Thinking Hex No. 5

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Why has IT management become so cursed with Binary Thinking?

No. 5: IT is either internal or provided from the public cloud

Binary Thinking: An organisation’s internal IT department is never involved if an organisation uses public cloud services and this makes sense as public cloud is completely self-service, self-managing and requires no commercial commitment. CIOs should make plans to move to all IT services to the public cloud and then resign. Oh, except when there are some security issues in which case no IT services should be moved to the public cloud and everything should be kept in-house.

Portfolio Insight: The various flavours of cloud and the various providers, both internal and external, create a rich palette of options for enterprises to use. Although cloud services are built upon commodity components they are not easily substitutable commodities themselves and all have unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. The optimum combination of services is likely to be a carefully selected blend of the different options. CIOs should not plan any wholesale migrations to the public cloud or anything else but should instead be ready to exploit the public cloud along side other options to satisfy specific business needs.

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